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Arm & HammerTM Fruit & Vegetable Wash - Now Available!


Contact:                 Megan Licursi 513.404.2545

Introducing an Easier Way to Healthy Produce:

ARM & HAMMER™ Fruit & Vegetable Wash Now Available

CINCINNATI——Produce-lovers rejoice! There’s now a better way to wash your fruits and vegetables and protect your family from pesticides and other contaminants.

Introducing new ARM & HAMMER™ Fruit & Vegetable Wash. Made using Arm & Hammer baking soda, the new fruit & vegetable wash safely eliminates more than 90 percent of pesticide residue1 while also washing away wax and soil with just a spray and rinse.

For more than 170 years, ARM & HAMMER™ baking soda has set the standard for purity and is valued as a trusted household staple among Americans for nearly every household task from cooking to cleaning. ARM & HAMMER™ Fruit & Vegetable Wash builds on that legacy, using pure and simple ingredients — including baking soda, lemon oil, and salt — and is scientifically proven to clean 4x better than water alone2.

According to independent studies, washing produce with water and/or bleach still leaves behind large traces of pesticides that consumers may be concerned about feeding their family. Surface pesticide residues were removed most effectively by the ARM & HAMMER™ Fruit & Vegetable Wash when compared to either tap water or a bleach solution.

“ARM & HAMMER™ Fruit and Vegetable Wash is the only produce wash with baking soda as the primary active ingredient,” noted CR Brands CEO Dan Mickelson, whose company manufactures the product under license. “No one wants to leave wax or dirt, and certainly not pesticides, on the fruits and vegetables they serve.

This is a safe, effective, and easy-to-use solution that makes sure the only thing we taste is delicious, natural flavor.”

ARM & HAMMER™ Fruit & Vegetable Wash is free from harsh chemicals, leaves no odor or taste behind, and is vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Look for it in stores and online beginning in February at around $5.00 for a 16.9oz spray bottle. For more information, please visit

About CR Brands

CR Brands has an outstanding portfolio of nationally-recognized brands that are market leaders across a variety of categories and consumer segments. In addition to Arm & Hammer®, CR Brands’ ever-expanding list of brands includes Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator, with more stain-fighting ingredients and superior cleaning vs. other laundry additives; and Dryel, the #1 at-home dry cleaning solution. For more information, please visit

1 The ARM & HAMMER™ Fruit & Vegetable removes more than 90 percent of the commonly-used pesticide thiabendazole when used as directed.

2 When used as directed.

  About Church & Dwight Co.

The Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (NYSE: CHD) founded in 1846, is the leading U.S. producer of sodium bicarbonate, popularly known as baking soda. The Company manufactures and markets a wide range of personal care, household, and specialty products under recognized brand names as ARM & HAMMER, TROJAN, OXICLEAN, SPINBRUSH, FIRST RESPONSE, NAIR, ORAJEL, XTRA, VMS (L’IL CRITTERS and

VITAFUSION), BATISTE, and WATERPIK. These eleven key brands represent approximately 80% of its consumer sales. For more information, visit the Company’s website.