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Artemis International Celebrates its 25th Year with introduction of new Craft branded line of extracts at ExpoWest

Artemis International, a leader in dark berry extracts for functional food and supplements and owner of the Berryceuticals® brand, is celebrating 25 years of success in 2020. 

Artemis International, along with its European manufacturing partner Iprona, is introducing a new line of dark berry extracts under the Craftbranded line at Expo West. The company recently introduced ElderCraft®and plans a “healthy line extension” roll-out through 2020 that will include CherryCraft®, AroniaCraft® and CurrantCraft®. The premium Craft line of extracts is differentiated by its unique and proprietary extraction process, the Iprona PolyphenolTechnology (IPT).  IPT is a physical ultrafiltrationextraction process that allows for the retention of much of the whole berry profile, including polysaccharides that have been tied to antiviral activity.  

Additionally, the Craft line has a long established European supply chain with full traceability. Ongoing clinical trials deliver the validation of performance required in today’s marketplace. An important human clinical trial to note (Tiralongo et al, 2016) used the company’s ElderCraft® (elderberry extract) and showed a significantreduction in duration and severityof cold symptoms. 

Artemis has been instrumental in bringing  “elderberry” into the mainstream consumer lexicon, synonymous now with immune support, and top of mind for cold and flu support. In reflecting on the last 25 years, Artemis is proud to highlight various accomplishments, including:

  • 1995 – Artemis imports European Aronia melanocarpa (then known as chokeberry) and places at Oregon State University to study varities and cultivation in the US
  • working with both domestic and European aronia growers to raise awareness with its website and recognition of aronia heart health benefits
  • leader in educating about the science of dark berries
  • leading and trusted provider of Elderberry extracts to the marketplace
  • ongoing participation in traceability, identity, and Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program
  • a proud sponsor of The Berry Symposium and other botanical educational opportunities; leading in initiating dark berry related research
  • committed to sustainable practices including renewable energy extraction facility; solar data/web-hosting, paperless office with a minimal waste policy working toward Zero Landfill Impact
  • committed to local causes; starteda school adoption program supporting  technology initiatives, the development of a school-based greenhouse program and  Random Act of Kindness program to make a difference in the lives of those in need

“Twenty-five years of success is indeed a milestone, and great timing to embark on this exciting new product line launch,” says Leslie Gallo, president of Artemis International. “Our new line of Craft branded berry extracts features a proprietary solvent-free processing technology that will deliver a distinctive and “crafted” premium level of product quality, performance, and trust. We say it’s “The art of extraction. Perfected.” It is also a perfect start to our next 25 years.”  

Artemis International will celebrate its 25thanniversary at the upcoming Expo West 2020 and invite show attendees to its Booth #3482 on Friday, March 6 at 4 p.m  to meet its master Austrian Elderberry grower and head of its Elderberry Co-Op. 

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Founded in 1995 by Jan Mills, and celebrating its 25 year anniversary in 2020, the woman-owned Artemis International,has become a leader in science-driven flavonoid rich, berry-based nutraceutical ingredients branded as Berryceuticalsâfor use in the dietary supplements, food and beverages, and cosmeceutical industries. 

*Artemis International works closely with its long-time partner Iprona, headquartered in Lana, Italy. The Iprona Polyphenol Technology (IPT) was developed by Iprona and first used in the extract processing of ElderCraftâ. ElderCraft® is a registered trademark of Iprona SpA.