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Dtocs® Launches Eco-Friendly Compostable Disposable Tableware For Serving Food

If you own a takeaway food outlet, a restaurant or a food truck; Dtocs has something for you! With the mounting pressure of disposing the single-use plastic tableware, a product was required that is disposable and eco-friendly yet being economical and thus Dtocs came into the picture.

Dtocs is now amongst fastest-growing brand names in the field of eco-friendly compostable disposable tableware. With a product line ranging from bowls, serving trays, dessert & dinner plates, specially crafted food sampling dishes, etc., they have something for everyone. The entire product range is handcrafted from naturally fallen palm leaves hence compostable and eco-friendly. Since no chemicals, colors/adhesives are used, these are 100% safe. Natural aroma and woody texture assure that each plate carries its own character. Since no tree is ever harmed for the raw material, Dtocs offers a sustainable solution for a plastic-free world!

The products are sturdy and can withstand high temperatures hence they’re microwave safe and good for the freezer too. So if you are still using those chemically treated single-use disposables, do visit Dtocs!

States in the U.S. have passed laws banning single-use plastic. The global war on plastic production and waste continues to escalate. The health impact of using non-compostable vessels is well known. We talk about healthy lifestyle and eating. But what about the container in which we are serving? If you put hot food in a hot bowl, your customers will ingest toxins that will leach out into the food.

In the right conditions, Dtocs tableware composts in just 90 days. But even if a plate ends up in a landfill instead of a composting bin, it will still decompose, leaving no waste trail behind. This innovation is also aiming to give farmers a financial incentive to sell their crop waste. Perhaps it would encourage them not to burn stubble anymore.  

About Dtocs

Dtocs is one of the brands from the healthy living division of Northern Planet LLC, a BBB accredited INC 5000 company. With aim of saving the Mother Earth from the harmful effects of single-use plastic disposables and financially supporting the associated farmers in bringing about a positive change in their life,  Dtocs brings the age-old way of using nature’s gifts, in dining cutlery. Areca palm leaf dining plates, mud baked mugs and such products are favorable to the environment. For more information, please visit us at