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Education & Events - September 11-14, 2019

Trade Show - September 12-14, 2019 | Baltimore Convention Center

Baltimore, MD, USA

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Herbal Healing Launches Innovative Herbal Salves at Expo East 2019

Cary, NC— September 3, 2019, Herbal Healing , a NC based natural skin care brand will be a first-time exhibitor at Natural Product Expo East 2019, happening in Baltimore, MD September 12-14. The company was started last year by a mom of three in Cary NC. Judit Beres, founder, was struggling with her son's dry itchy skin for nine years.  Since she could not find a product that helped, she decided to make her own.  The company launched last year with an herbal salve named after the inspiration that created it: Mother’s Healing Balm. To develop this salve, Beres worked with an herbalist and used her research background. The salve contains medicinal herbs that grow easily in NC, like lavender, calendula and marshmallow and virgin organic hemp oil which is very healing to the skin due to its balanced fatty acid content. 

The company’s mission is to heal skin naturally while caring deeply for the environment. Their packaging choice speaks to this mission: all of their products are now available in eco-friendly paper packaging as well as glass. The new paper tube packaging will be launched at Natural Products Expo East 2019. Producing minimal to no waste with packaging was one of the crucial puzzle pieces for Beres, the founder, as she was launching the company.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from using the Mother’s Healing Balm. Andrew, an Amazon customer says he found relief from redness, scaling and itching: “I have been using this on my skin for over a year. I self diagnosed myself with something like psoriasis. I had redness on my face and neck. My arms were very scaly. I was self conscious and grew tired of people asking "what's wrong with your neck-why is it so red?" After using this salve I got instant relief. I use it daily and have no more problems. I had tried many things-cortisone and tar-but they did not help, I highly recommend it. No more redness and scaling.” Another customer, Dan Stierly said on Apr 12, 2019: “This product is great. I have hard to treat eczema on my hands...this product cleared it up in a week. If you've been looking for an herbal remedy (instead of steroid creams), this is the way to go!”

Product Availability

Since its launch with the Mothers’ Healing Balm, the company expanded its product line with Menthol Eucalyptus Balm and a Bug Zapper Balm that will be launched at Expo East 2019 in Baltimore. The Menthol Eucalyptus Balm is excellent for soothing tired muscles and works great as a relaxing massage balm. The Bug Zapper Balm contains neem and citronella oils to keep bugs away naturally. All products will be available on their website this Fall.

PR CONTACT Judit Beres

Phone 919-928-3151