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Super-Charged Organic Sauce Features a Bounty of Veggies, Picked and Prepared

To Deliver Delicious Flavor and Peak Nutrition

(NEW YORK, NY- March 2019)- Exhausted by frequent mealtime battles with his picky young daughter, lifelong foodie and entrepreneur Andrew Suzuka set out to create a better sauce – one of a handful of go-to ingredients they could both agree on at dinnertime. He quickly realized there was a lot of room to improve upon the market. The quest led Suzuka to culinary expert and James Beard Award-winning author Maxime Bilet, who signed on to help transform the way favorite foods like tomato sauce are produced, and the way families eat. The result, the first product in the pair’s new Otamot line, is Essential Sauce. The certified organic, vegetable-filled tomato sauce packs impressive nutrition into every 16oz jar, thanks to a proprietary precise cooking method designed to preserve each ingredient’s precious vitamins.

  “As the parent of a kid with an extreme vegetable aversion, I was exhausted by serving up meals that I knew were lacking nutritionally,” Suzuka said. “The ingredients in our pantry satisfied only the most basic needs, and Maxime and I believed from the start that we could find new ways to bring both flavor and essential vitamins and nutrients back to pantry staples, reimagining the recipes but also the entire production process.”

To that end, Bilet, who co-authored the iconic Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, used his considerable gastronomic expertise to develop cooking processes that harness each carefully selected ingredient’s essential nutrients. “Traditionally, commercially processed foods are cooked at the highest possible temperature, stripping ingredients of most – if not all – of their nutrient content,” Bilet said. “By cooking each of the Essential Sauce’s ten vegetables to its perfect temperature, we preserve their nutritional integrity and rich flavor. The result is an ideal balance of flavor and nutrition that equally satisfies the body and the senses”.

 The certified organic, gluten free, non-GMO, no-sugar-added super sauce was also designed to be especially rich in all the B Vitamins, as well as Vitamins D, E and K, which are more commonly absent in everyday convenience foods. Essential sauce takes nourishment a step further with a nutritional profile that also complements the carbohydrate-rich foods typically associated with tomato sauce. Its carefully composed nutritional framework makes carbohydrates, fats and protein more digestible, helping the body to convert the starch and sugar of pastas and pizzas into usable energy, instead of the typical post-carb-consumption slump. It’s tested to a higher standard, too, with its impressive nutritional content calculated after cooking.

“The Essential Sauce is made to exacting standards, and any parent would be proud to feed it to their family,” said Suzuka. “But it doesn’t matter if you’ve created the ultimate superfood if they refuse to eat it. This one received top marks from my daughter – our chief taste taster – and has drawn raves from kids and adults who use it not only as a sauce but also as a soup, a dip, a condiment, and more thanks to its thick, versatile texture and flavor. We’re proud to have created an everyday essential that will feature prominently in families’ favorite meals while providing essential nutrition, to keep them happy, strong and healthy.”

Essential Sauce is available at select retailers, and through the company’s website, where customers can choose from 2- and 4-packs as well as a monthly subscription option. For more information about Otamot and its Essential Sauce, recipes, stockists and more visit

About Otamot Foods

Founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Andrew Suzuka and supported by the culinary insights of partner Maxime Bilet, Otamot by Super Sauce, Inc. takes family friendly pantry staples and turbocharges them with vegetable-packed recipes and progressive cooking techniques designed to preserve each ingredient’s nutritional value. In 2019, the Brooklyn, NY based company debuted its Essential Sauce, a rich, delicious, nutrient-dense tomato sauce that’s powered by ten vegetables and designed to complement dishes of all kinds, from pizzas and pastas to soups, dips, and stews. Otamot Foods are crafted with a singular vision: to help families live healthier, happier lives by providing more nutritious alternatives to everyday foods. To learn more, visit

For more information contact:

Margaux Caniato, VP+C

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