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What are the different ways I can search for products and companies that fit my needs?

For Visitors

Connect offers various ways to explore our database to meet your specific criteria.

  1. Search by Show: Find out which companies and what specific products will be showcased at the upcoming Expo East or Expo West show
  2. Search by Product Category: Here you can search based on the type of product -- Food, drinks, supplements, household products, cleaning supplies, beauty products, pet care, accessories and everything in between.
  3. Search by Ingredient: Looking for products using a specific ingredient? With everything from Algae and Curcumin to Coconut and Buck Wheat, we'll help you find the product you're looking for.
  4. Search by Marketing Claim: If you're looking for products that fit a specific quality standard, you can search by marketing claim to find options that are hormone-free, USDA organic, paraben-free, Low-calorie, made-in-the-USA etc.
  5. Search by Certification: For even stricter quality requirements, search based on third-party certifications
  6. Search by Keyword: Type in any keyword into the search bar, and Connect will show you companies and products that contain that word or phrase in the title, description or attributes list.  (TIP: To search for an exact phrase, like “plant based”, put quotes around the phrase!)

And, by using the advanced search feature you can search using combinations of any of these attributes as well.

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