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Handsome Brook Farm - Pasture Raised Eggs

New York, NY 10001
United States
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Chikaraka launches the first egg-based, dairy-free yogurt (# 8611)


Chikaraka launches the first egg-based, dairy-free yogurt 

NEXTY finalist Chikaraka first ever preview at Expo West, launches in stores Summer 2020


Booth #: 8611

Chikaraka photos:

Handsome Brook Farms carton:


(New York, NY) Chikaraka, launching in Summer 2020, is the first ever dairy-free yogurt to be based on organic pasture raised eggs. By using this humane, sustainable high quality protein, Chikaraka is able to deliver unparalleled taste and nutrition in a dairy-free yogurt category dominated by nuts, coconuts and oats. 


Unlike current dairy free alternatives, Chikaraka does not have to rely on excessive starches, gums and stabilizers to deliver a thick creamy yogurt because it harnesses the power of Handsome Brook Farms’ organic pasture raised eggs. These eggs also deliver more than 10 grams of quality protein per serving, with 6 grams or less of added sugars. Using eggs also delivers essential omega-3s, and brain-fueling choline, iron and vitamin D.


Chikaraka’s clean, fully organic ingredient list includes coconut cream, ripe banana, fresh pureed berries, and hints of lemon and vanilla. The result is a mildly sweet, pleasantly-tart, rich and creamy yogurt that is packed with flavor and nourishment. Expo West attendees will be the first to try the original, lime, strawberry and mixed berry flavors, four of the six launch flavors (the others being lemon and raspberry) in Chickaraka’s egg-based product innovation series. All eggs are sourced from Chickaraka’s parent company, Handsome Brook Farms, and its 75 sustainable and humane partner farms in the U.S.


“Pasture-raised, organic egg production supports regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, healthy small farmer relationships, and better tasting eggs. We’re excited to lead innovation in the egg category with eggs that meet the only standards that really matter - both organic and pasture raised,” says Jordan Czeizler, Handsome Brook Farms President. “Chikaraka will both surprise you and become a go-to in your refrigerator, fueling your day and innovating in a rapidly growing category.” 


Chikaraka launches on the heels of a new carton design from Handsome Brook Farms, poised to roll out on grocery shelves in Spring 2020. The packaging nods to Handsome Brook Farms’ belief that the future of animal and land husbandry is bright, with the vibrant colors reflective of the green pastures, blue skies, and bright yellow sunshine of a new tomorrow. The palette and visual messaging are meant to communicate the small choices that lead to big changes for our future. The brand continues to coin “Handsome” as a descriptor of both their generous care for their hens and the positive impact of their practices. 




Handsome Brook Farms is a pioneer in pasture-raised organic egg production, the most ethical and sustainable way to produce eggs. Founded in upstate New York with five hens, Handsome Brook has grown into the largest producer of organic pasture-raised eggs in the country, with more than 75 partner farms in 10 states. The company is committed to building a better food system that benefits our hens, farmers, planet, and consumers. Learn more at

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Pasture Raised Organic Eggs

Pasture Raised Organic Eggs

Pasture Raished Eggs

Ethically Raised On Family Farms

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