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Natural Products Expo West

Expo West 2020 - Nexty Awards

Expo West 2020 NEXTY Finalists

Best Condition-Specific Supplement

MycoBotanicals® Complete Calm™

Host Defense Mushrooms

MycoBotanicals® Complete Calm™ is a well-crafted blend of mushroom mycelium and herbs designed to support a calm
relaxed body and mind, helping adaptation to stress and quiet overactive thinking.

LifeSeasons NeuroQ


NeuroQ is formulated to help maintain healthy brain function, clear thinking, memory and normal inflammation response.

Prenatal Multi-vitamin

Nutri-Rich Corporation

Prenatal Multi gives you more of the crucial nutrients you need when you’re pregnant, trying or just thinking about it –
in the best forms that your body can actually use.

Best New Organic Beverage

Enroot Sparkling Cold Brew Tea

Enroot Sparkling Cold Brew Tea

Enroot crafts its organic sparkling cold brew teas with award-winning chefs from the James Beard Foundation
programs to deliver unparalleled taste, clean energy and natural antioxidants in 25 calories/bottle.

Probiotic Smoothies

Good Culture

We combine our pasture-raised kefir with delicious ingredients like pineapple, vanilla and everyone's favorite berries,
plus live and active cultures that make your gut happy with 35 billion CFU's.

Fruit-ful Water Kiefer

The Living Apothecary

The Living Apothecary’s Fruit-ful Water Kefirs combine organic fruit juices with kefir water for refreshing beverages
that are vegan with no added sugar or vague ingredients.

Best New Meat Alternative or Dairy Alternative


Foodies Vegan

Our Pumfu is a delicious Soy-Free Tofu Alternative made with Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Plant-Based Cheeze Spreads

Plant Perks

All five of our plant-based cheeze spreads are like a creamy, dreamy pillow for your mouth!

Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative

Harmless Harvest

Hand-scooped coconut is the secret to the creamy texture of our dairy-free yogurt alternative: pureeing until smooth,
adding live and active cultures, and finishing with a handful of organic ingredients.

Best New Natural Living Product

Power-Strips Laundry Detergent

Better Life

Stain-Slaying concentrated laundry detergent, pre-measured in a dry, strip form, that dissolves. Tear, Toss, & Wash!

Cuddly Soft Brown Bear

Bears for Humanity

Cuddly soft Brown Bear made from GOTS Certified organic cotton filled with Recycled PET, chemical, pesticide and heavy
metal free

The Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap That Breathes

Abeego, Inc.

Abeego is the original, zero-waste, reusable beeswax food wrap. It breathes and protects like nature’s own peel to Keep
Food Alive.

Best New Mission-Based Product

Organic Grain Free Tortilla Chips

Sonar Foods

Organic, nutrient-dense grain free tortilla chips made from garbanzo beans, cassava, hemp protein, chia, & flax -- on a
mission to empower & nourish a nation of dreamers!

Heirloom Rice Mix

A Dozen Cousins

Our limited edition set of heirloom rice mixes celebrates the cultural and culinary diversity of the African Diaspora,
with authentically seasoned heirloom rices from Nigeria, the U.S.A. and Brazil.

LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher


It is the only home water filtration pitcher protecting against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, heavy metals,
chemicals and organic chemical matter, while benefiting children in need of safe drinking water.

LOOP Juices

LOOP Mission

Nobody likes to be rejected, not even food. LOOP repurposes the outcasts of the food industry.

Best New Organic Food

Organic Whole Grain Einka, Emmer Farro, Einka & French Lentil Blend

Bluebird Grain Farms

You can be sure, our certified organic emmer is grown with care for maximum nutrient density and is cleaned and
milled-to-order in our nut-free processing facility here in Winthrop, WA.

Organic Sauces

Otamot Foods

Otamot makes the most nutritious and delicious line of organic, plant-based sauces on the market.

Organic Tumeric Bell Pepper Beef Sausage

Kiolbassa Smoked Meats

Handcrafted in small batches and smoked to perfection, Kiolbassa's new Organic Turmeric and Bell Pepper sausage blends
Certified Organic grass-fed and grass-finished beef with health-friendly turmeric and zesty bell pepper.

Best New Product Supporting a Healthy Microbiome

Psyllium Pre & Probiotic Fiber

Organic India

Shield Face Serum

For The Biome, LLC

Astaxanthin protects from free radicals as rosehip and 6 botanicals deliver moisture to the skin’s deepest layers with
the elevated bioactivity that can only be found in CO2 volcanic extracts.

HerHolistic Menopause, Prenatal and Period Line

ReNew Life

The makers of the #1 Women’s Probiotic† introduce Herholistic, a line of probiotic products developed to support a
woman’s unique needs during different phases of life: menstruation, pregnancy and menopause.

Best New Frozen Product

Folded JUST Egg


The Folded JUST Egg is a plant-based, protein-packed product made from mung beans.

Well Carved™ Meatballs

Applegate Farms, LLC

APPLEGATE® Well Carved™ Meatballs are chef-inspired pairings of Applegate Humanely Raised meat and whole vegetables –
bold flavors that can stand on their own and clean ingredients good for the planet.

Original Keto Bread

Base Culture

Base Culture Original Keto bread offers a wholesomely delicious bread that is Keto and Paleo certified, with only real
ingredients and 4 net carbs

Best Environmentally Responsible Packaging

Clean Cookie Bites

Sun & Swell Foods

Sun & Swell is one of the first snack food brands to offer clean, whole food cookie bites in compostable pouches that
fully decompose within 180 days.

Plant-based tea wrappers

Numi Organic Tea

The new plant-based non-GMO flexible film wrapper features layers made from renewable sugarcane and eucalyptus, FSC
certified paper, proprietary inks and varnishes, and guarantees no eco-toxicity when it breaks down.

Strawberries & Cream


Natural, whole leaf tea packaged in 100% Plastic Free, Plant Based packaging.

Cane Water Elixirs

Bhoomi Cane Water

Bhoomi (“Mother Earth” in Sanskrit) is the first certified low-glycemic cane water company in the U.S. making Ayurveda
inspired super-botanical elixirs to rejuvenate the body, mind & our planet.

Best New Personal Care Product

Mineral Sunscreen Gel Lotion SPF 30

Bare Republic Sunscreen

Bare Republic’s ultra clean mineral gel-lotion formula feels refreshingly light, smoothing easily over skin to deliver
hydrating mineral sun protection.

Aloe Gorgeous

Ora Organic

Aloe Gorgeous is Ora Organic's ethical answer to collagen. Say 'aloe' to our Organic and Vegan Collagen-boosting Powder
packed with aloe vera, protein, silica, and vitamins C and E.

VM Vaginal Moisturizer

Ah! Yes

AH! YES VM is a certified organic, long-lasting and hypoallergenic, vaginal moisturizer designed to provide natural
relief from vaginal dryness and painful sex. Made without hormones, glycerine or parabens.

Crush & Brush Toothpaste Tablets

Nelson Naturals

The most versatile, eco-friendly toothpaste ever. Crush & Brush toothpaste tablets are a plastic-free, refillable,
travel friendly, fizzy tablet that you chew and brush like normal. Think outside the tube!

Best New Natural Kids Product

Peace.Love.Crispies Cereal

Zego Foods

Peace.Love.Crispies cereal is made from a single ingredient, black rice, grown by Indonesian family farmers using
SRI method & has transparent testing for 400+ chemicals & allergens including arsenic.

Sport Shapes Pasta – Red Lentils

Dalla Costa Alimentare srl

Italian Sport-shapes kids pasta made of 100% red lentils

Oil My Goodness Kids 3-in-1 Bath Treatment

Oilogic Essential Oil Care

Oil My Goodness® Kids 3-in-1 Essential Oil Bath Treatment uses the power of 100% pure essential oils to naturally
fragrance and cleanse for the cleanest bath your child can take.

Best New Meat, Dairy or Animal-Based Product

Atlantic Mackerel

Patagonia Provisions

Our Atlantic Mackerel is packed with roasted garlic and silky extra-virgin olive oil.

Greek Lowfat Yogurt

Danone/Two Good®

Two Good is a breakthrough innovation in the yogurt category, offering a delicious, creamy taste with 2g total sugar, 3g
carbs, 12g protein and 80 calories per 5.3 ounces.

Seemore Meats & Veggies Sausages

Sausage Queen, LLC

Seemore makes tasty, fun, and innovative sausages that combine certified-humanely raised meat with up to 35% fresh
vegetables in nostalgic flavors like Bubbe’s Chicken Soup and Loaded Baked Potato.

Chikaraka Egg-Based Yogurt

Handsome Brook Farm - Pasture Raised Eggs

Chikaraka is the first and only organic egg-based, dairy-free yogurt made with whole organic pasture raised eggs and
clean, natural ingredients for a rich, creamy satisfying snack.

Best New Condiment

Fermented Tea Leaf Dressing

Burma Love Foods Company

An earthy, savory, and stimulating dressing made from hand-picked organic tea leaves from the Shan State
mountains of
Burma, our Fermented Tea Leaf Dressing will make you eat your tea.

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Organic Mayo Line


Tessemae’s, the nationally recognized #1 organic fresh food company, is excited to introduce new mayonnaise varieties to
its clean condiment line in two flavors, Organic Habanero Mayo and Organic Ranch Mayo.

Whole Root Turmeric Paste

Truly Turmeric

Truly Turmeric is the world's first wildcrafted, fresh turmeric paste dedicated to supporting small-scale growers.

Best New Sweet Snack

Fruit Jerky

Solely, Inc.

Each Solely Fruit Jerky strip has at most 3 ingredients, including one or ½ cold-pressed whole organic fruit, and no
added sugars, concentrates, sulfites or other hidden ingredients.

Just Fruit & Greek Yogurt

Wyman's of Maine

Eat More Fruit with Wyman's Just Fruit & Greek Yogurt bites - made with whole Wild Blueberries & Greek Yogurt balls,
that you can just grab and eat frozen.

Organic Cacao + Mango Bar

Patagonia Provisions

Our organic Cacao + Mango Bars are a blend of solar-dried Rosa mangoes, cacao nibs, ripe bananas and almonds.

Heirloom Vegan Caramel Popcorn


Pipcorn Heirloom Vegan Caramel Popcorn is a mini, delicate heirloom popcorn that is clean, better-for-you, doesn’t get
stuck in your teeth and tastes just how popcorn should taste!

Best New Supplement

Organic MCT Protein


Nutiva Organic MCT Protein is a powdered supplement packed with fast-burning MCTs and plant-based protein to boost
energy, increase endurance, aid weight management and support brain health.



Infused with lion’s mane and coffeeberry, Organifi Pure was designed to improve brain function by promoting gut health.

Water Enhancers

Nutraceutical Corporation/Zhou Nutrition

Available in six varieties, Zhou Nutrition Water Enhancers bring the lab-verified, high-quality supplements that Zhou is
known for into liquid formulas that easily mix into any beverage.

Best New Savory or Salty Snack

Everything Zucchini Veggie Flats

Brad's Plant Based

The first ever REAL, plant-based, keto friendly flatbread cracker.


Ka-POP! Ancient inGRAINed Snacks

Ka-Pop! Red & Green Sriracha Puffs have harnessed the power of the Ancient Grain Sorghum to save snacking; 100% USA
Grown Sorghum, oil and spicy seasoning…that is all!

Late July No Grain Tortilla Chips

Campbell's Snacks

Late July No Grain tortilla chips are made with tigernut, cassava, and chia seeds for a grain-free, corn-free, non-GMO
and absolutely delicious snack!

Best New Pantry Food

Double Protein Oats

Zego Foods

ZEGO's raw oats are a special variety with naturally double the protein of typical oats and grown using the
protocol" method, virtually eliminating any chance of gluten cross contact.



Ready-to-eat globally inspired small meals in an easy open tin, with simple ingredients, vibrant superfoods and
certified sustainable protein, infused with savory herbs & spices.

Sacha Inchi Seed Butter

Brass Roots

Nut Free, Vegan, Keto, Gluten Free Sacha Inchi Seed Butter

Red Lentil, Butternut Squash and Coconut Everyday Dal

Maya Kaimal

We took a traditional Indian red lentil dish called “masoor dal” and added coconut and butternut squash to create a
complex and delicious plant-based protein.

Best New Sweet or Desert

Dark Chocolate + Pomegranate

Undercover Chocolate Co.

An unbelievably delicious guilt-free snack and indulgence created by lightly covering organic crispy in premium
chocolate and adding real pomegranate arils for a burst of flavor.

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Nubocha is the world’s creamiest, most delicious, low-sugar, vegan gelato crafted with the finest whole food and
sustainably-sourced ingredients.

Natures Raspberries Frozen Fresh and Immersed in White and Milk Chocolate

Tru Fru

Natures Raspberries Frozen Fresh and Immersed in White and Milk Chocolate

Best New Hemp-CBD Product

Muscle Stuff with CBD

Spinster Sisters Co.

Muscle Stuff with CBD simultaneously cools and warms skin with camphor, menthol, cayenne pepper, habanero
essential oils, and 250mg of non-GMO CBD for an aromatherapeutic experience.

Turmeric and Spirulina Gummies


The CBDfx Turmeric and Spirulina gummy combines high-quality CBD hemp extract with two major superfoods, including one
of the most densely protein-filled foods in the world!

Hemp & Herbs Calm

Gaia Herbs, Inc.

Certified organic full spectrum Hemp extract synergistically blended with Passionflower, Milky Oats, and other herbs
traditionally used to support a sense of calmness, soothe frayed nerves, and restore tranquility.

Hemp Oil - Targeted Oral Sprays

Reed's Remedies

Reed’s Remedies are pure, targeted, and concentrated formulas made from steam-distilled hemp (CBD) and terpenes that
offer a consistent and predictable outcome with every use and ensure fast-acting relief.

Best New Special Diet Food

Gluten-Free Vegan Cheese Ravioli

Taste Republic

The first fresh pasta of its kind, Taste Republic Gluten-Free Vegan Cheese Ravioli is crafted to deliver on both
and al dente texture – cooks in only 4-5 minutes.

1-to-1 Gluten-Free Baking Flour

Renewal Mill

Using this 1-to-1 okara blend in all your baked goods gives your body a boost of nutrition it deserves and helps to
build a more sustainable future.


I amaranth

“Cacahuate Estilo Japonés”, this typical Mexican snack inspired us to create 'I am Nutz' our gluten free and healthy
version of Japanese peanuts.

Grain Free Crunch Puffs

Brass Roots

High Protein Grain Free Crunch Puffs made with Avocado Oil.

Worthy Blendie Bowls

The Worthy Company

The Worthy Company is revolutionizing plant-based snacking with their first product line of category creating Worthy
Blendie Bowls.  They offer complete nutrition from traditional ingredients crafted to fit modern life.

Best New Tea or Coffee

Functional Oat Milk Lattes

Pop and Bottle

The cleanest, most delicious Oat Milk Lattes on the market. Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, nitro infused +
functional! NO
dairy, gums or refined sugar. Proudly woman owned.

Karuna Focus-Plus Turmeric Synergy Coffee

Fulfill Food & Beverages

Karuna Focus-Plus Turmeric Synergy Coffee is a 100% plant-based coffee brew featuring turmeric, walnut, coconut, and
oat. This unique blend with walnut helps boost the brain health functions of turmeric.

Latte Infusions

Jade Leaf Matcha

Blending functional ingredients and adaptogens into premium USDA certified organic Japanese matcha, Jade Leaf Matcha’s
four Premium Matcha Latte Infusion varieties provide a boost to your traditional matcha latte.