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Epsom Salts Pure Unscented

San Francisco Salt Company
Epsom Salts Pure UnscentedEpsom Salts Pure Unscented
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Magnesium Sulfate (epsom Salt).
Post Workout Muscle Recovery For Athletes, Soothe, Soak, Recover, Pure Unscented Epsom Salt For Soothing Muscle Pain, Reducing Inflammation And Detoxifying The Body., Train Hard Recover Easy, San Francisco Salt Co., Total Body Sports Therapy For Athletes, Epsoak Sport Dissolves Easily In Warm Water To Soak Away The "blood, Sweat And Tears" While Reducing The Aches, Muscle Pain And Inflammation After A Hard Day At The Gym Or On The Field., One Cup Of Epsoak Sport In The Bath Is Recommended For Optimum Recovery And To Ensure You Get The Full Detoxifying And Restoring Benefits From Your Soak., Soaking In Epsoak Sport Soothes Muscle Pain & Promotes Athletic Recovery., Epsom Salt Is A Pure Mineral Compound Of Magnesium Sulfate. Our Epsoak Sport Epsom Salts Are Premium Grade Making It The Best Quality For Athletes., Superior Recovery, Use 1 - Use 1 Cupful Of Epsoak Sport, Highest Pure Quality, Train Hard, Recover Easy Is The Core Ethos Of The Epsoak Sport Recovery Routine., Epsoak Sport Is The Bridge Between Training And Recovery., Quicker Recovery Times Allows You To Return To The Gym At Your Peak-performance Level Faster., Injury Prevention Is An Essential Part Of Your Training And Recovery Routine., Detoxing Is Necessary So You Are In Competition-ready Condition., 1 Train, 2 Epsoak, 3 Recover, 2 - Pro Tip For Maximum Sports Therapy Use 2 Cups, 0 1, Store In A Sealed Bag Or Container, In A Cool Dry Place. For External Use Only. Do Not Ingest. Use Only As Directed. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Individuals With Diabetes Should Avoid Hot Or Warm Soaks. Individuals With Diabetes Should Consult A Physician Before Use. If You Experience Any Sign Of Irritation, Discontinue Use And Seek The Advice Of A Physician.
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Expo West 2018
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5 lbs
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