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Cordyceps Cs-4

Cordyceps Cs-4
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The Cordyceps Cs-4 extract may be the most versatile of all medicinal mushroom supplements. Hot-water/alcohol extracts provide the immune health benefits normally associated with medicinal mushroom supplements, but also provide a host of other important health benefits including balancing the HPA axis and improving energy, stamina and endurance.*

Wild harvested Cordyceps mushrooms were once reserved exclusively for the emperors of ancient China because of their scarcity. The imperial family used Cordyceps mushroom extracts as a tonic drink because of its evident ability to replenish energy and improve and maintain overall good health.* The wild harvested mushrooms are still relatively scarce and very expensive, and the process of harvesting the wild fruit bodies in the Himalayan highlands can be environmentally damaging – so modern use and research has focused on hot water/alcohol extracts of the Cs-4 strain of mycelium cultivated in liquid culture (then extracted, dehydrated to a powder and encapsulated). The Cs-4 strain of mycelium is the only strain of Cordyceps mycelium that provides all the active compounds found in the wild harvested Cordyceps mushrooms.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Cordyceps sinensis extracts are considered to be in the highest class of tonic herbs, balancing and strengthening the body’s internal systems.* In TCM Cordyceps extracts are thought to tonify both the Yin and Yang energy, so are considered safe for long term use. Today, Cordyceps supplements are commonly used for the many health benefits described and more, making Cordyceps extracts the number one selling mushroom supplement in the U.S.A. and the world.

Vegetarian Capsules (cellulose), Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelium.
Hot Water Extracted, Energy. Endurance Immune Support*, Cordyceps Cs-4, 400mg Each, You Should Know The Facts: Mushroom Science Is Committed To: Environmentally Responsible Cultivation, Rigorous Scientific Testing, Guaranteed Potency, Suggested Use: Adults, Take 1-3 Capsules, Twice Daily, On An Empty Stomach., Warnings: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Do Not Use If Allergic To Mushrooms, Pregnant Or Breast Feeding. Do Not Use If Safety Seal Around Top Of Bottle Is Missing Or Broken. Store At Room Temperature, With Lid Closed., Support Increased Energy, Endurance, And Immune Health*, Used To Increase Energy And Endurance, Cordyceps Has Become The Supplement Of Choice Among World Class Competitive Athletes. Once Reserved Exclusively For The Emperors Of Ancient China, Today It Is Commonly Used To Support Respiratory, Adrenal And Immune Health.*, *these Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food & Drug Administration. This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure Or Prevent Any Disease., Increased Energy Immune Support*, You're Serious About Your Health. We're Serious About Science., Science Isn't Just In Our Name - It's In Our Products. All Mushroom Science Products Adhere To Exacting Quality Standards Proven To Provide Immune Health Benefits Observed In Clinical Studies.* You Can Trust That We Take Your Health Seriously., If You Ask Us To Prove Why Our Mushroom Products Are The Best, We'll Start With Three Reasons: 1. Hot Water Extracted. Hot Water Extracts Contain 50-80 Times More Beta Glucan Than Mycelium Grown On Rice Or Liquid Alcohol Extracts. 2. Research Validated. We List Guaranteed Levels Of Research Validated Active Compounds On Every Label. 3. Cordyceps Cs-4. The Extracts Of The Cordyceps Cs-4 Mycelium Are The Only Form Of Cordyceps Ever Used Or Studied In The Published Research And Are Guaranteed To Contain All The Active Compounds Cordyceps Is Famous For., Science Is More Than An Aspiration - It's Our Daily Practice.
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