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Himalayan Pink Salt

Foods Alive, Inc.
Himalayan Pink SaltHimalayan Pink Salt
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Unrefined Salt.
Fine Ground, Superfoods, A Salt That's Actually Worth Its Weight In Salt, Did You Know That The World Salary Comes From The Latin Word Salarium, Which Means Payment In Salt, And That Roman Soldiers Were Paid In Salt?, Non Gmo, Gluten Free, Raw, Kosher 230, Himalayan Crystals, 100% Pure Mineral Salt From A Pristine Area Deep In The Himalayan Mountain Range., Our Salt's Vivid Color Is A Result Of The Trace Minerals In The Salt. These Naturally Present Minerals Are Essential For Human Health., Himalayan Salt Has A Precise Mesh With Our Body's Inner Workings Because It Contains An Almost Identical Set Of Elements To Those Found Inside The Human Body., Himalayan Pink Salt Can Be Consumed As A Mineral Water (sole*), Dissolved In A Hot Bath For A Healthy Soak And Detox, Or It Can Be Put Directly On Your Food And Used In Cooking., When Water And Himalayan Salt Combine, They Activate To Harmonize Cell Metabolism, By Supporting Acid/alkaline (ph) Balance, Re-mineralization Of The Cells, Maintaining Proper Electrolyte Levels, And May Assist The Cleansing Of The Body Through Better Elimination Of Toxins And Heavy Metals., *sole (so-lay): The Mixture Of Water And Crystal Salt. Place 1 Teaspoon Salt In Pint Glass Jar And Add High Quality Water Until Full. Wait 24 Hours, Continue Adding 1 Teaspoon Salt Until The Salt No Longer Dissolves. Every Morning, Take 1/2 - 1 Teaspoon Of Sole Mixed In A Glass Of Pure Water Before Breakfast., Packaged With Great Care & Love In The Usa!! Foods Alive, Angola, In 46703, 260-488-4497,, Certified Organic By Ecocert Ico Llc, Looking For More High Quality Foods? Visit Our Website And Check Out Our Other Great Products!
Product Presented At
Expo West 2018
Brand Information
Foods Alive
Product Size
14 oz
Country of Origin
Product Of Pakistan
Serving Information
Serving Size
Unit of Measurement
Servings Per Container
Nutrient NameNutrient ValueUnit of MeasurementDaily Value Percentage
Calories From Fat0.0Cal**
Total Fat0.0g0.0
Saturated Fat0.0g0.0
Trans Fat0.0g**
Total Carbohydrate0.0g0.0
Dietary Fiber0.0g0.0
Vitamin A****0.0
Vitamin C****0.0