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Nasal Guardian™ Spray

Nasal Guardian™ Spray
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Every day you are exposed to millions of pollutants and irritants at work, home, school, or while traveling, that can affect your wellbeing. Just as you wash your hands daily, thanks to Nasal Guardian™, you can now gently cleanse and moisturize your nasal and respiratory passage.

Nasal Guardian contains the original time proven Scandinavian formula from Salomon Propolis®, sourced in Brazil. Bee propolis nasal solutions have been used by generations for the cleansing of nasal and respiratory passages. 

Purified Water, Pwe-m (propolis Water Extract), Sea Salt, Citric Acid, And Sorbic Acid, Potassium Salt As Preservative.
Protect & Activate Wellness Naturally, Pwe With Propolis, Good For Travel, Home, School, And Work, Washes Away And Cleans Nasal Pollutants And Irritants, Easy To Use | Effective | Fast Relief, Non Medicated | Safe For 2 Years & Older, Directions: Clear The Nasal Passageway By Gently Blowing Your Nose Before Using Nasal Guardian. Insert Nozzle Into Nostril, Then Pump And Breathe In Through Your Nose At The Same Time Two To Three Times In Each Nostril. Repeat Application Two To Four Times A Day Or As Needed., Naturanectar Nasal Guardian Original Formula Has Been Safely Used In Scandinavia For Over Twenty Years. It Gently Cleans And Soothes Sinuses And Nasal Passages. Nasal Guardian Is Safe For Children Two Years Old And Up And May Be Used As Drops., Naturanectar Nasal Guardian Does Not Contain Artificial Flavors, Dyes And Colors. Nasal Guardian Can Be Used While Taking Other Health Products., Caution: For Individual Use. Sharing This Container With Others May Spread Infection. Clean Nozzle After Each Use And Replace The Cap. Pwe Is Allergy Tested, However, Use With Caution If Allergic To Bee Products. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Store In A Cool And Dry Place., The Mission Of Naturanectar Is To Protect And Activate Wellness Naturally Through Our Commitment To Developing Trusted, Science-based, Doctor-formulated Products While Being Socially And Environmentally Responsible., To Learn More Visit, Technology From Denmark, Cgmp Certified Facility, Premium Brazilian Propolis, Developed And Distributed In The Usa By: Naturanectar Llc 1560 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy, 4th Floor Sunrise, Fl 33323 800.609.7794 |, Copyright 2013 Naturanectar Llc, Exp :, Lot : 2848, Every Day You Are Exposed To Millions Of Pollutants And Irritants At Work, Home, School, Or While Traveling, That Can Affect Your Wellbeing. Just As You Wash Your Hands Daily, Thanks To Nasal Guardian, You Can Now Gently Cleanse And Moisturize Your Nasal And Respiratory Passage., Nasal Guardian Contains The Original Time Proven Scandinavian Formula From Salomon Propolis, Sourced In Brazil. Bee Propolis Nasal Solutions Have Been Used By Generations For The Cleansing Of Nasal And Respiratory Passages. Nasal Guardian Has Our Exclusive Pwe-m (organic Aromatic Aids From Brazilian Bee Propolis) Which Is A Gentle Yet Effective Water Based All Natural Spray That Provides The Whole Family With All The Benefits Of Bee Propolis In An Isotonic Solution Carefully Formulated To Promote Relief And To Clean While Not Damaging The Delicate Nasal Mucous Membrane., Pwe-m Is Standardized - Our Pwe-m Is Obtained By Naturanectar's Exclusive Green Extraction. It Allows For Just The Right Amount Of Bee Propolis Compounds To Be Delivered To Naturanectar's Nasal Guardian Applications., Product For The Whole Family Children 2 Years And Older, Naturanectar Nasal Guardian 30 Ml Spray, A Trusted Brand Based On Our Scientific Understanding Of The Magnificent Benefits Of Honeybees And Their Bee Propolis, At Naturanectar, We Understand The Nature And Science Behind The Beehive And Find Our Inspiration There. With The Same Focus And Dedication Of The Honeybees To Build Sustainable And Productive Hives With Their Propolis, Our Company Is Dedicated To Bringing You Wellness Products Imbued With The Same Protective Propolis To Help You Live An Active And Healthy Life. We Commit Our Corporate Resources To The Vital Research Needed To Ensure That Honeybees Continue To Be Nature's True Marvels As Well As Supporting The Surrounding Communities That Help Harvest Our Bee Propolis In A Sustainable Way., We Invite You To Learn More At:, Quality From The Source. Naturanectar's Sister Company Almar Apiary Is Located In Beautiful Brazil, The Home Of The Verdant Rainforests, Where The World's Finest And Purest Bee Propolis Is Harvested. Our Ground Breaking And Effective Products Are Sourced For You Directly From The Brazilian Honeybees And Their Bio Diverse Forests!, 30+ Years Perfecting The Most Advanced Standardized Propolis Extracts, Through Our Partnership With Prc-propolis Research Center, Our Standardized, 100% Water-based Pure Propolis Extracts Have Become The Foundation Of Naturanectar's Extensive Product Line.
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Expo West 2018
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Nasal Guardian
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1.0 fl oz
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