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Organic Freeze Driied Acai

Acai Roots
Organic Freeze Driied Acai
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Many brands spray-dry their açaí which reduces the nutritional value. Our Açaí Powder is always freeze-dried to deliver healthful 2,300 ORAC’s and Omegas 3, 6 and 9 to you in every teaspoon. Our Organic Freeze Dried Açaí is extracted with cutting edge low-temperature technology, which preserves almost all the antioxidants and nutrients. Convenient and easy to use, you can add our superfood powder to your favorite juice or smoothie and give your day a tasty and healthy boost.

Organic Acai Powder Citric Acid
The Acai Berry Grows In The Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest - In Some Of The Richest Soil On The Planet. The Dark Purple Berry Looks Like A Grape Or Blueberry. Unlike Many Berries, This One Is 95% Seed. Only The Skin Around The Seed Is Edible, We Have Known For Years That Acai Is A Helthful Super Food Containing Omega Fatty Acids Dietary Fiber And Phytoserol Which Supports The Immune Systemn More Recently It Has Been Discovered That The Brazilian -grown Berry Is Also Abundant In Oxegen Radical Absorbance Capasity (orac ) Untis A Measurement For Antioxidents Developments By The Nationals On Againg The National Institues Of Health, It Is Belived That Food High In Orac More Effectively Neaut Free Radicals .according To The Dree Radical Thery Of Again This Will Slow The Oxidative Processes, And The Free Radical Damage That Can Contribute To Age Releted Degenration And Disease, We Include Orac Values On All Our Labels ,so That You Can See For Yourself The Health Benefits That Carespond To High Levels Acai In The Product ., Chekout The Compalte Line Of Remarkable Acai Roots Product Delicious ,good For You And God For The Rainforest, Some Importance Properties Of The Acai Berry, Antioxidants Which Helps Slower The Agaihn Process. , Omega Fatty Acids Which Supports Healthy Chiolestoral And May Hepls Prevemnt Herats Disease., Physteroal Which Supports A Healthy Immune System And May Reduce Blood Plasma Digestive System, It Is Also A Soures Of Protein Calcium Vitamin A ,e,andb6, Absolutely All Acai No Other Fruit Added, Suggested Use : Add 1-2 Teaspoon To Your Favorite . Store In A Cool Dry Place Refrigerate After Opening, 2 Cup Rolled Oats Gluten Free 1 Tsp Vanila Extract, Certified Organic By Ccof
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Expo West 2018
Brand Information
Pure Acai
Product Size
8 oz
Country of Origin
Serving Information
Serving Size
Unit of Measurement
Servings Per Container
Nutrient NameNutrient ValueUnit of MeasurementDaily Value Percentage
Calories From Fat14.0Cal**
Total Fat1.0g2.0
Saturated Fat1.0g0.0
Trans Fat0.0g**
Dietary Fiber1.0g0.0
OMEGA 3 &6228.0mg**
OMEGA 9344.0mg**
Vitamin A****1.0