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Pasture Raised Leaf Lard

Pasture Raised Leaf Lard
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This is quite possibly the finest lard available. It is rendered from the prized pasture raised "leaf" (internal fat) making it less "porky" tasting than regular lard. There is no meat muscle in the leaf and hence a milder pork flavor. This makes an amazing lard that is delicate, light and "clean" tasting. Bakers have cherished Leaf Lard because it creates the best crusts and cakes while not imparting any flavor of its own. And because of its high smoke point, Leaf Lard is simply perfect for frying and sautéing, especially when you want the natural flavors of your ingredients to shine. Fatworks Pure Premium Pastured Raised Leaf Lard is essential for anyone interested in cooking with traditional fat. Take a bite of what you make with it and you'll soon be Praising the Lard.

Pork Fat, Organic Rosemary Extract
100% Free Range Pastured Pork Used, The "leaf" Is Simply The Name Of The Prized Cut For Creating Lard. The Resulting "leaf Lard" Is Famous For Baking And Perfect For Frying. This Exceptional Lard Is Crafted Using One Very Simple Philosophy: Taste Your Food, Not Your Oil., All Natural*, Gluten & Milk Free, No Preservatives, 0 Grams Trans Fat, Great For Cooking Up To 375°., Gourmet Chefs Have Cherised Leaf Lard For Years. Now Fatworks Is Bringing This Delicious Secret Weapon Back Into The Home. Reconnect With Traditional Fat And Watch Your Cooking Soar! It Will Give "when Pigs Fly" A Whole New Meaning, Directions: Spoon Out Required Amount. Enjoy. Never Dispose Of Lard Down The Drain. Hint: Lard Can Be Strained And Reused. To Learn More Visit Us Online At, *minimally Processed | No Artificial Ingredients, Refrigerate After Opening, Prepared & Distributed By Fatworks Foods Llc 4985 Morrison Rd, Denver, Co 80219
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Expo West 2018
Brand Information
Leaf Lard
Product Size
14 oz
Country of Origin
Serving Information
Serving Size
Unit of Measurement
Servings Per Container
Nutrient NameNutrient ValueUnit of MeasurementDaily Value Percentage
Calories From Fat130.0Cal**
Total Fat14.0g22.0
Saturated Fat4.5g23.0
Total Carbohydrate0.0g0.0