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Schizandra eeTee in Jar

Dragon Herbs
Schizandra eeTee in Jar
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Arguably the ultimate tonic herb

Taoists call it the "quintessence of tonic herbs"

Made from super-premium wildcrafted Changbai Mountain Schizandra berries

Produced by FITT raw extraction technology

Famed for its ability to help generate beautiful skin

Supports the liver and lungs

Supports mental clarity and memory

Mental power, no jitters

Supports healthy aging

Contains all 5 flavors, for all 5 Elements

Yin and Yang balanced

Fruit is traditionally prepared for easy digestion, p

Supports sexual health in men and women, aphrodisiac

A large amount of Schizandra on the American market is faux Schizandra from non-Di Tao regions of Asia

Mobilizes all 12 meridians-organ systems

Supports all 5 elements

Maltodextrin (a Binding Agent, Enzymatically Derived From Plant Starch. May Contain A Trace Amount Of Non-gmo Organic Maize.)
Tonifies All 3 Treasures, Nurtures All 5 Elements, Enters All 12 Meridians, Makes: 30, Easy, Economical, Tea, Effective, Ecological, Schizandra Fruit - Schizandra Chinensis - Schizandra Is Called The "quintessence Of Chinese Herbs" Because It Has So Many Health-promoting Functions. It Is A Rare Herb That Can Benefit All The Bodily Functions And All Five Primary Organs. It Beautifies The Skin And Helps Support A Healthy Liver. It Is An Excellent Mind Tonic By Sharpening Concentration, Improving Memory And Increasing Alertness. It Is Even A Powerful Sex Tonic.* This Product Is Produced By Fitt, Fingerprint Identical Transfer Technology. This Proprietary Extraction Technology Captures The Original Phyto-chemical Profile Of A Botanical (the Plant's Fingerprint) And Transfers It Safely And Almost Identically Into The Final Extract, Preserving The Aroma, Color And Taste Of The Plant Perfectly. Fitt Is A Raw Extraction, With The Entire Process' Temperature Controlled Under 104°f., Instructions: Add 2 G (approximately 1 Teaspoon) Of Schizandra Eetee Powder To 2-3 Oz. Of Water, Hot Or Room Temperature, Stir Or Shake Until The Powder Completely Dissolves. For Iced Tea, Use Room Temperature Water To Dissolve The Powder First Then Add Ice. You May Flavor The Tea With Sweeteners, Fruits, Or Herbal Tinctures. You May Also Adjust The Amount Of Schizandra Eetee To Your Liking. 1-4 Servings Per Day., Highly Hydrophilic. Keep The Inner Bag Tightly Closed At All Times., *these Statements Have Not Been Evaluated By Fda. These Products Are Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Any Disease., Enjoy With Ease!, Schizandra Eetee Is Truly Eeextraordinary In Many Ways! Easy - Schizandra Eetee Dissolves Clear In Seconds, Even At Room Temperature. Just Scoop, Stir And Serve. Economical - Less Raw Materials, Less Energy Consumption, Ecological Water Technology All Contribute To A Lower Cost. Effective - With Fitt, 95-98% Of All Of The Plant's Active Ingredients Are Transferred To The Eetee Extract. Ecological - Fitt Uses 33% Less Energy Than Traditional Extraction Methods And Produces 1/10th The Waste Of Home Brewing., Laboratory Tested Gluten-free., Copyright 2016 By Ron Teeguarden's Dragon Herbs, Manufactured For: Ron Teeguarden's Dragon Herbs Los Angeles, Ca 90036, Treasure Rating - Jing - 2 Yin Jing 1 Yang Jing, 5 Qi - Vitality 5, Protection 5, Adaptability 5, 1 Blood, Shen 12345 Life Is Like A Candle, Learn More., Lot#180302811, Exp :, Organically Grown Changbai Mountain Schizandra Fruit (wu Wei Zi) Extract+, Ron Teeguarden's, Premium Eetee Instant Granules, Fitt, + Daily Value Not Established
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Expo West 2018
Brand Information
Dragon Herbs
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2.1 oz
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