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EarthKind, LLC
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Fragrance Oil, Plant Fibers............ 98.0% Total.................100.0%
Directions For Use: It Is A Violation Of Federal Law To Use This Product In A Manner Inconsistent With Its Labeling., Notice: Buyer Assumes All Responsibility For Safety And Use Not In Accordance With Directions., Storage And Disposal: Do Not Contaminate Water, Food Or Feed By Storage And Disposal. Storage: Store In Original Container In Cool, Dry Place, Inaccessible To Children And Pets. Keep Container Tightly Closed To Prevent Evaporation. Disposal: Non-refillable Container. Do Not Reuse Or Refill This Container. Promptly Dispose Of Used Pouches In The Trash So As Not To Attract Ravenous Mice. Contents And Packaging Are Biodegradable., Indoors: Use In Non-living Areas (attics, Basements, Cellars, Storage Areas, Garages, Sheds, Pantries, And Barns). Place One Scent Pouch Per 8 Square Feet In Areas To Be Protected (i.e. 4 Pouches In A Single Car Garage Or 1 Pouch In A Pantry). Replace When Scent Has Diminished. Length Of Effectiveness Depends On Air Exchange Rates And Temperature., Enclosed Spaces: Use In Autos, Rv's, Airplanes, Boats, Tractors, Trucks, And Other Enclosed Spaces. Place 4 Scent Pouches Per Storage Unit Per Season To Freshen The Average Size Camper, Boat, Truck Or Auto. Replace Scent Pouches When Scent Has Diminished. The Product Lasts Up To 30 Days In Cold Storage Areas. Length Of Effectiveness Depends On Air Exchange Rates And Temperature Condition Of Storage Areas., Warranty 100% Money Back Guarantee If This Product Does Not Perform To Claims When Used As Directed, Send Cash Register Receipt, Upc Code Below And Reason For Dissatisfaction To:, General Information: Stay Away® Botanical Rodent Repellent Repels By Odor That Is Offensive To Rodents, But Not To Humans. This Product Can Be Used Effectively To Repel Rodents From Infested Areas For Up To 30 Days., Minimum 35% Post-consumer Content, Certified 100% Recycled Paperboard, Us Patent # D513,868 Stay Away® Is A Registered Trademark Of Earthkind, Llc. All Rights Reserved., This Innovative Product Was Invented Out Of Necessity. I Was Offended By The Toxic Smell Of Moth Balls And The Unpleasant Odors We Found In Our Farm Implements In The Spring, So I Came Up With A Plant-based Alternative That Would Both Freshen And Protect Our Storage Areas For Up To Three Months. This Product Is Safe When Used As Directed And Offers A Kinder Way To Repel Rodents From Vacant Storage Areas. I Wish To Personally Thank You For Purchasing This Product. In Doing So, You Support American Farmers, Less Advantaged Communities And Our Precious Environment. I Welcome Your Comments And Suggestions. Kari Inventor/ceo, 2 Scent Pouches Inside, Plant-based, 100% Guaranteed Money Back, • Rv's, Lasts Up To 30 Days Use In Enclosed Storage Areas, • Basements/attics • Pantries • Cabins • Under Hot Tubs • Garages/sheds • Storage Units, Keep Out Of Reach Of Children, • Tractors • Farm Equipment • Sheds • Barns, • Boats, • Autos Trucks, Made With Balsam Fir Oil
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Expo East 2019
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5 oz
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